Information for the Novice....

Taking a virginal BDSM novice, and showing them the ropes is extremely satisfying for me in many ways....

I get to witness at first hand the shocked, the scared, the nervous and the excited; the pure pleasure filled eyes, showing the realisation of many years of fantasies now fulfilled and satisfied…for a while anyway!

It is quite a feast for my eyes and I wouldn't miss it for the world.

I revel in you innocent little beings and welcome you into my domain with open rubber clad arms! I rejoice in your innocence and gain great pleasure and amusement in introducing you into my beautiful world of Female Domination, and power exchange.

Now, I would like to offer a note of advice and caution, to any novice or ill experienced submissive.

In my many years as a professional dominatrix there is one thing that saddens me....

I have listened to many stories and received many letters and emails from submissive men who have had very bad experiences when visiting a professional dominatrix for the very first time – being rushed in and out without much communication between both parties; receiving things that don't excite and stimulate, dismissing things that could potentially be mind blowing.

The disillusionment, the frustration, the dissatisfaction and the emotional roller coaster journey afterwards, is all very natural. Yet if you are unprepared for it, or even worse you are not even aware of it, the emotional repercussions of this journey can turn even the most positive experience into a negative.

I believe that it is the duty of a professional dominatrix to always explain to any novice, the potential emotional roller coaster journey that they may experience post session. Even after a successful session, circumstances can change forever for you.

You may feel fulfilled, liberated, excited, uplifted, euphoric even. But what goes up has to come down right?

And this is “The emotional roller coaster journey” as I like to call it.

Many men have been put off the scene for years with the false belief that all Pro Dommes are the same.

This can be a very lonely place for a genuine submissive. Remember to choose your dominatrix with care and caution. Find someone with a good reputation, go on to BDSM notice boards and investigate.

Do Your Homework!

Don't just be enticed by the cheapest, nor seduced by the most expensive. Look thoroughly through their website, how much time, money and energy have they put into it? Surely this is a good reflection of how they truly are?

I am referring to free information sites here, not the membership ones. They have to be good to keep you paying! Like any service oriented business, there are good and bad, and if you are someone reading this that is nodding in agreement, and have experienced the bad, don't you owe it to yourself to get back on the BDSM journey and try a good one this time?

One final word of advice though.

Make sure it is one that walks her talk, even in her hobble skirt and high heels!

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