Brutal Beatings administered daily by Cruel Goddess Mistress Hellena

There is no end of slaves lining up to be chastised and punished by Mistress Hellena; a regular conveyor belt of masochists, suffering for their Mistress....

Will You Be Next????

The Only Rules You Need To Understand....

MY Rules are quite simple. In addition to any pronouncement or decision I make at any time, I expect ALL slaves and submissives to follow MY Rules, Directions and Decrees without hesitation.


Worship Your Goddess

Adorn me with jewels of the finest kind,

It will put a smile on my face, and satisfy my mind.

Give me the fruits of your labour, and the seat of your soul;

Adorn me with gifts, and wrap me in gold....

Hurting Slave's Nipples....

Nip Pulls….

The usage and functions of men's nipples are to be nipped, pulled, taunted and tormented and finally tortured… skilfully of course!

A skilled torturer has many professional fitting implements to complete the task at hand, like clamps, spiked wheels, weights, floggers and needles.

The Clinic is Open for Examinations....

The couch has to be placed in exactly the right position, alongside the mirror next to the 1950s Anaesthetic Machine.

Leather restraints are meticulously positioned and latex sheets are draped readily to encase the patient. The aesthetics are paramount for this fetishist....

Today I am the evil Anaesthetic nurse....

The Needle Lover (Part 2)

Nurse Hellena (dressed all in rubber) places his feet into cold steel stirrups, then secures him to the couch with her long black leather straps....

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Boots Always Need Polishing!!

There is just something about a lady wearing a pair of stiletto heeled boots that excites men.

I am very aware of this fact.

They seem to have been designed by a foot fetishist as wank material, maybe for someone like YOU!

Introducing the Novice....

Taking a virginal BDSM novice and showing them the ropes is extremely satisfying for Me in many ways.

I get to witness at first hand the shocked, the scared, the nervous and the excited; the pure pleasure filled eyes, showing the realisation of many years of fantasies now fulfilled and satisfied….for a while anyway!

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